Keep book formatting services close to you- Intro

Are you preparing for the next step for your book? If you are self-publishing and looking for the right person or company to do it because you are not capable to do the book formatting, then you need to consider the following:

If you are searching over the internet for a book formatting service and find one, by simply looking at the appearance of the site, you can tell if it’s reliable. You can also check if there’s a testimonial page. Find out if there are authors who used the website’s service. Here is the original site.

Search the website’s name and check if there are reviews and community thread that talks about the book formatting service. If you can find one, you can join the thread and ask some questions.

If the site has positive reviews, then it’s time for you to contact if there are available phone number or fill in the contact form. An active website should answer your call right away or your email. If not then you can try another. This is a tedious procedure but it’s worth a try.

Your manuscript deserves a good and quality book formatting that’s why choosing the right person is very important. Don’t just look for the cost. Sometimes when you opt for a low-cost, the quality is sacrificed.

The right book formatting service should communicate from time to time. Online book formatting service is sometimes risky because you can’t see the person who is working on your book. That’s why trust and reliability is a must.

If you ask for a quote for your book, don’t give right away. Make sure that they communicate well and you can contact them anytime. Fast turnaround of the response is another thing to consider.

If you are satisfied with the quotation then it’s time for you to send your manuscript. Make sure to specify what you want your book to look like. You can tell them what font style to use – the overall look. Or you can just let the book formatter do the design.

Make sure also to tell the details of the book size, where do you want to publish (CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu etc). Online publishing companies have different guidelines and specifications so it is necessary to inform your book formatter.