Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses What Environmental Crime Is

Environmental crime can be described as forbidden actions that cause direct harm to the environment. These violations are punishable by statute. Environmental laws must be administered correctly in order for any conservation regime to be successful in protecting the earth. Violations of environmental regulations in the past resulted in largely insignificant civil fees and penalties. Initially, environmental legislation posed limited obstacles to businesses, entities, or governments complying with environmental laws. The failure of US environmental protection regulations was primarily attributed to the federal compliance initiatives’ municipal identification. Their primary penalty was fines, which a number of businesses embraced as a required cost of doing business. Environmental criminal law is more constrained. Learn more by visiting Law Firm.

Environmental crimes may be committed at any level that is necessary. They often occur as a result of violations of international, federal, or state laws. At each of these levels, prosecutors can file charges for such violations. In international cases, US lawyers investigate violations of treaty-based federal laws. The unlawful dumping of hazardous materials or the release of toxins into the atmosphere, water, or land are typical examples of environmental crimes. To be considered illegal, government authorities must usually be able to establish that the discharge was not accidental. A prosecutor must prove that the defendant was aware of the activity for which the charge was filed under most criminal laws. Because many environmental regulations do not explicitly state this provision, government agencies have had difficulty prosecuting environmental crimes effectively.

The following are some notable examples of these crimes:

  • Wildlife trade in endangered species is illegal.
  • Smuggling of materials that deplete the ozone layer (ODS)
  • Dumping and smuggling of hazardous waste are also illegal.
  • Fishing that is illegal, unreported, and uncontrolled
  • Illegal logging and the related trade in stolen timber are both against the law in the region.