Criminal Justice and Its Subfields

Criminal justice is the mechanism by which the government and social institutions can dispense justice in order to keep crime and criminal minds under control. In order to keep justice intact in the homeland and ensure peace and stability, criminal justice as a discipline is highly important. To ensure stability, there are different challenges faced by the government and different welfare agencies. Checkout G&S DUI Attorneys at Law – Chicago Dui Lawyer.

Sociology, psychology, science and communication are the many other topics that are related to criminal justice.

Sociology is a field that deals with people and their actions being studied.

Psychology is about the way a person thinks, which, according to his family, culture, workplace and community, tends to change.

Science is the field of practice and thinking that objectively investigates objects, individuals and circumstances.

The means by which a person communicates his thoughts, emotions, needs and desires is communication. With the greatly evolving nature of society with the advent of technology, the significance of communication is growing.

Lands Fields

Three places where a person can continue a potential career in criminal justice are:

  • Compliance of laws
  • Technology of Forensics
  • Protection of the homeland
  • Future employment outlook

In criminal justice, the different career opportunities are:

The Officer of Corrections

The one who looks after the prisoners in jail who are awaiting trial or serving a sentence is a correctional officer. Since the correctional officer could face injuries from prisoners, it is a dangerous career and the growth rate in this profession is seen to be 5 percent from 2010.

Reporter for Courtroom

In shaping the media, a reporter who reports on court room proceedings has a lot of say and it is very critical that he brings crucial data with him to be published.

Examiner of the Crime Scene

The one who investigates, gathers evidence, is the investigator of the crime scene from the crime scene and he plays a significant role in solving a case. A criminal mind is well known by an examiner of the crime scene and his next step. In solving a case, his insights support.


A detective is a private investigator or a member of the police department who investigates national problems, past incidents, and crimes that are not easily resolved. A investigator in a country supports law enforcement.