Guide To Cut Concrete With Diamond Blades

For every building or home renovation job, there are some jobs that would allow you to hack through the concrete. If you are an specialist or have any experience in concrete cutting, you will realize that you can choose or use various techniques, but one of the most popular is diamond concrete cutting today.Checkout CMP Stonemason Supplies & Tools.

The fracturing of diamond concrete refers to the method of breaking concrete using diamond needles. It is a widely admired technique because blades encrusted with diamond bits are extremely solid, widely resilient and can be sliced through concrete effectively.

Whether it’s your first experience utilizing the diamond cutting technique for a building or home renovation work, there are some rules that you will need to meet in order to properly conduct this operation. Undoubtedly, as you were doing formal training, you heard about these advices so to make sure you cut concrete with diamond blades correctly and securely, you still have to keep them in mind.

Many of these valuable suggestions and recommendations are as follows: Always classify the concrete you’ll break first. There are various kinds of stone, so they can often be sliced by specific kinds of diamond scissors. Of illustration, certain concrete has steel bars, which is considered reinforced concrete. Specially made blades are also appropriate for breaking hardened concrete. The clear example is that which has strong aggregates such as basalt and quartz. These aggregates appear to fade the blade’s diamonds quicker. As such, you would pick a blade which has a smoother connection to make it easier to reveal the diamonds.

Determine whether any wet cutting or dry cutting is needed. Concrete is typically cut with spray, known as wet cutting, because this will help you lower the grit, hold the diamond-encrusted blade clean and prolong its life. But you can have to do dry cutting because there is no water supply near your field of operation.

Find the diamond blades that better fit. Silver brazed diamond blades or laser welded diamond blades should be used for wet concrete smashing, because they give solid laser welding and high efficiency. Plus, you can even test the concrete saw’s horsepower. That is how the horsepower of the saw determines the final option of saw. Finally, remember the diameters of the blades that the concrete saw should handle, and the arbor depth of the saw that will also fit the arbor hole on the diamond saw.

Last but not least don’t neglect to contribute sufficiently personal protective equipment (PPE). Do not forget to put on goggle, earplugs and protective equipment if the concrete cutting job is high. You will at the very least carry a qualified respirator for easier, smaller work.