How to Filter Water to Protect Your Health

Many of us now realise that chemicals in drinking water are bad for your health, and some of them raise your cancer risk. Only if you have a purifier on your faucet do you drink tap water. But, buy carefully, for they’re not all that great.

The popular chemicals in tap water are not eliminated by some of the most costly home purification devices. For example, reverse osmosis eliminates minerals and other naturally occurring compounds, somewhat decreases the lead content, but does little to eliminate chlorine or THMs that cause cancer. Click Greenfield Water Solutions  to read more information

You must search for goods that provide additional measures for chemical removal if you want to drink tap water and invest in reverse osmosis. Still, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to spend in reverse osmosis.

A reverse osmosis phase is widely used by public providers, anyway. So, it would actually be redundant to execute the procedure at home again.

The very inexpensive items manufactured by Brita, PUR and other famous firms are on the flip side of the coin. Those items were engineered to eliminate the taste and odour of chlorine. They’re not deleting THMs.

If you have chlorinated water, you drink trihalomethane, like chloroform gas, and you wash.

Seven common trihalomethanes, or THMs, exist. Both of them are known carcinogens and when you drink tap water that has not been filtered using the correct methods, any of them may be found in the bottle.

On the market, there are only a couple of products that are successful. The producers understood the value of the carcinogens being extracted and took the necessary steps.

All together, in tap water there can be as many as 2400 different chemicals. In certain cases, they are only present at low levels, but the health hazards associated with constant exposure to multiple chemicals together are exponentially greater than those associated with a single one.

Granular activated carbon and a block containing various resins and other filtering media to capture particular chemical pollutants on their surface are the purification measures required to extract them. Parasitic cysts immune to chlorination can also be extracted, along with tiny sediments, if the block is of a sub-micron-sized porous type.

You can expose yourself to the dangerous heavy metal lead when you drink tap water, depending on where you live. More than 99% of all traces of lead are extracted by an ion exchange step, thus improving the taste and balancing the water’s mineral content.

Many people have taken to consuming only bottled brands because of the toxins in drinking water. You can realise that, in most situations, the bottling companies use public supplies that have been heavily handled. It is literally sourced from groundwater even though it says ‘spring-water’ on the bottle.

Instead of purchasing bottled brands, conservation activists encourage us to drink drinking water that has been filtered at home, because the bottling firms are using our natural resources and adding to the ‘water crisis’ that is currently going on worldwide. Don’t let the tap water additives scare you into purchasing bottled water. Instead, buy a home purifier. You will save money and preserve the climate.