Need For activated carbon manufacturer

The right tap water system can supply you and your family with safe, healthy, filtered tap water for less than 10 cents a gallon. activated carbon manufacturer is one of the authority sites on this topic. More and more people are getting a tap water system for their home in light of all the recent discoveries having to do with the health and safety of tap water (or lack thereof). Here’s why filtered tap water could actually save your life.

Our society regularly uses more than 80,000 different synthetic chemicals. It’s inevitable that all of these will eventually end up in our tap water system- through runoff, leaking sewers, pollution, flood, and improper use of household chemicals.

In fact, many of these synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs) aren’t even filtered out of public water supplies, simply because the technology in place is so old and outdated. These systems operate pretty much like a swimming pool filter- they take out all the visible stuff and disinfect with chlorine. And shockingly, these municipal plants allow the use of more chlorine to disinfect that what’s recommended in swimming pools!

Most people don’t understand the extent of how chlorine and SOCs negatively effects our health, especially in the shower where 2/3 of it’s harmful effects are experienced (through inhalation and absorption). Just two decades after we started to use herbicides and pesticides, and started to use chlorine to disinfect water, the prevalence of cancer and heart disease started.

Drinking chlorinated water instead of filtered tap water gives you a 93% higher chance of developing some sort of cancer in your lifetime. To add to this, a commonality in women with breast cancer is the fact they contain 50%-60% more chlorine byproducts (THMs) in their fat tissue than women without breast cancer.