Popular Tattoo Designs

If you are new to tattooing, it is generally advised to get a small tattoo in any part of the body with flesh on it; this is because fatty areas hurt less than bony areas. Small tattoos can be less costly and painful due to a small coverage area. Remember choose a design that will look good alone or if you wish to elaborate on the theme, will look good in a cluster. Small tattoos for men come in a variety of designs, some of the most popular are as follows. Get more info about MiniTattoos

• Devil – This is one of the most popular designs. Done in red or black, both look quite sexy. It gives a hint of wickedness mixed with naughtiness. It can just have the face or the whole thing in a small area. Placement can vary from forearm, side neck or torso.

• Musical notes – These are very rock-star like. They express very clearly your love of music and can be done on the wrist, ankle, hip or forearm. Usually these are done in black.

• Rosary beads – Hint a bit at religiousness and usually done in black, can be near the neck, chest, forearm or ankle.

• Brass knuckles – Look mean as well as wicked, done in grey or could be colourful in the background. Usually done on the forearm or torso or side.

• Skull – A popular choice, not necessarily macabre in design, could be humorous as well. Done on forearm or upper arm, torso or ankle.

• Cross – Another religious symbol, could be done up in various designs and colours. Remember to choose an appropriate place to get religious tattoos so as not to seem disrespectful.

• Stars – Whether nautical in theme or astrological, stars are another popular design well liked. Usually done on ankles and forearms.

• Shamrock – Linked with good luck, salute your Irish culture or just get one since it looks great. Any place looks good with a shamrock.

• Scripts – Done on the torso or wrist, whether in your native language or a foreign one, choose a meaningful and symbolic one.

• Heart – This is one of the popular designs that can have multiple variations, a simple heart on its own, a bleeding one, a heart with a lock, a chained heart, an arrow through the heart, etc. Placed anywhere, a red heart always looks good.

• Barcode – Unique in design, done on the back of the neck usually, it looks cool and one of its kind.

• Deck of cards – Look unique and show your love for gambling. Best place is biceps or wrist.

• Lion or tiger – Majestic animals, representing loyalty with a hint of aggression. They look great on the hip or forearm.

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