Solar Installers: Know What To Ask When Considering Solar Energy

There are quite a few things you can make yourself aware of before you even begin to think about recruiting solar installers. Yeah, to find an installer, it is very easy to search the Internet or flip through the yellow pages, but do you really know what questions you can ask from those installers of the solar panel? Stuff like; are they experienced with networks that are grid-tied and self-sufficient? Have both residential and industrial properties been working on them? If they are really professionals in the various types of systems on the market, they can give you an idea. West Dundee Solar Installers offers excellent info on this.

Know, it’s your own interest as a consumer that you have to hold in mind. So, when the contractor arrives for the initial site inspection at your house, ask them what suggestions they could offer for your home. Know where the best part of your roof is for the panels to fit in, and then ask the installer for the same thing. Through these, you will know if they really have a know-how about the meaning of where to mount solar panels.

In this ever evolving market, most solar panel manufacturers give contractors a follow-up training class that allows them to remain fully up to date. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have already undergone this form of training and what brands they are most familiar with.

One very good way to verify the solar installer’s integrity is to ask them for previous customers’ phone numbers or addresses. You will know for sure if the customer satisfaction statements are valid by contacting former customers and telling them about their interactions with your chosen contractor. Do not be fooled by just looking at the images of so-called previous installations and be impressed.

The electrical side of things is another very significant part of the construction of solar panels. It seems like most people believe that all electricians are pretty much the same. About solar panel installation, this can not be told. This is why you need to know if you have undergone complete training on how solar photovoltaic panels operate and the proper installation procedures from the person who will take care of your panels.

Not all systems with solar panels come with full warranties. The panels are generally shielded most of the time, but what about the rest of the system? Shouldn’t your preferred brand cover all the parts and ask the contractor if they’re going to have assurances themselves? You need to get the best assurances possible, no matter whether they are protected by the manufacturer or the contractor.


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