Stucco Repair Tips For Home Owners

If you have damage to your home that needs fixing, one of the best repairs that you can make is a stucco repair. You can purchase or build a stucco repair kit at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. The stucco repair kit comes with everything that you will need to repair your damaged home including: a trowel, masking tape, primer, brushes, masking tape, cement, water, and plaster or cement wall plugs. It is easy to do a stucco repair yourself because it is a very dry compound that does not require much work to mix the correct amount of water. If you apply the water in the wrong way, you could end up ruining the finish on your wall.You may want to check out Depend Exteriors for more.

Before you start repairing the stucco, you should always make sure that the area has been cleared first. For instance, if you are doing a repair on a cement wall, you should move all of the debris out of the area to make it easier for you to work. Then, you will need to find a suitable stucco repairing hawk. Hawks are usually used to scrape off the old layer of stucco so that the new stucco can sit on top. Make sure that you choose a hawk that is made for light duty work or a smaller chisel so that it will not scratch the walls that you are repairing.

To begin the repair process, you should mix a solution of one part cement and two parts water. Once you have the mixture, you can begin to scrape off the old layer of cement using a steel claw hammer. If you find that there are large cracks in the stucco, you may want to use a hydrated lime mixture. To prevent damage to the cement surface, you should let the hydrated lime mixture sit for at least five minutes before you proceed to repair stucco. By mixing a smaller quantity of cement and water, you can save money from having to buy cement and water to complete repairs.