Bed Bug Treatment Tips

Bed bug treatment is necessary because the bugs’ eggs can hatch in just a couple of weeks and there are many cases where the bugs have already laid thousands of eggs. Not only that, but they can survive quite long without eating, which is why treatment is so necessary at the first sign of signs of infestation. Bed bugs are tiny pests that hide in many areas, including furniture, sheets, clothing, bedding, etc… Unfortunately, they are often difficult to spot until they become a huge problem, especially in warm and moist environments, such as those found in college dorms and apartments.If you wish to learn more about this, visit bed bug treatment Houston.

The first bed bug treatment options involve applying insecticides aerosol sprays on hard surfaces, like baseboards and furniture. Treatment should be applied prior to moving furniture into the rooms affected by the bugs, because you don’t want the spray to be airborne. If using spray on baseboards, be sure to wash them off completely. To get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively, insecticides containing pyrethroids or fipronil are most effective. Other methods of bed bug treatment include treating the entire room, or at least the areas where live bugs were detected and treated, or vacuuming upholstery and furniture thoroughly.

Another effective method of bed bug treatment is to treat the entire mattress and the bedding of an affected room. An infestation on the mattress typically shows up when a person stays in an affected room for a long time without changing bed sheets. Although not as effective on adult bed bugs, an infestation on a child’s mattress can be treated successfully using the same methods. If the infestation does not go away after applying all of these methods, a pest control expert should be consulted.

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