Becoming A Licensed Electrician

Licensed electricians are electricians who are also licensed by the relevant state body. Like other electricians, a licensed electrician needs to pass a comprehensive set of tests before being granted an electrician license. Not only do licensed electricians go through a significant amount of training and testing, typically they have extensive experience relying on which they can be able to assess a home and then recommend the most appropriate electrical wiring for that home.Browse this site listing about Commerce City licensed electricians.

To be licensed, an electrician first must apprentice for at least 2, but typically four years with a vocational training centre. During this apprenticeship, the electrician will learn a range of practical skills as well as theory training in electrical engineering. The theory training will focus on the application of AC (Amplitude Correlated Electrochemical) technology and mechanical design principles. The practical training will help the electrician to identify weak points (air leaks, cold spots, exposed wires) in the home, and help them find and fix these problems. After they have passed their test for their competency, the licensed electricians will then be awarded their full electrician license. Licenses cannot be renewed, however, and must be obtained through re-examination every two years.

Many electricians work under state license electrical contractors. This electrician’s under state license contracts need to hold a current license from their state. This means that if the electrician fails to meet state code, such as not having met all continuing education requirements, and continues working as an unlicensed contractor, the contractor could be sued. Many states, such as Washington DC require licensed contractors to complete a certain amount of apprenticeship in order to be eligible to become a licensed electrician. Working under a licensed electrician’s supervision is usually the best way to learn about electrical work and safety practices.

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