About Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is an iconic high-crowned, large-brimmed hat usually referred to as the stereotypical “good boy” or “bad boy” hat. While traditionally considered a masculine hat, in time it has come to be regarded as more of a fashionable fashion accessory. Cowboy hats can be found on many men in modern society, from school students, to sports fans, to those who work in the entertainment industry such as actors and musicians. They are generally of a solid color, although other colors have also become widely accepted.To get more information try out here cowboy hat

Historically the cowboy hat was designed with a flat crown, called a “crest,” above the wide brim of the hat. Although the flat crown is still quite popular, other styles are coming into existence such as a v-shaped crown, which creates a much nicer appearance. It is also common to find cowboy hats that feature a slightly rounded or curved brim that either has a slight peak or none at all. Regardless of the shape of the brim, the most distinguishing characteristic of a cowboy hat is the straight line which runs along the entire brim of the hat, directly above the wearer’s eyebrows.

The traditional material for cowboy hats, which was most commonly cotton, fur, or felt, has changed throughout time. Fur has been the most popular and continues to be used for a large majority of cowboy hats. However, felt has also gained in popularity as an alternative material. Cowboy hats which are made from felt are often very comfortable, and the felt feels almost like velvet when it comes out of the box. Flat felt hats tend to be the most inexpensive, but they can also be found with either round or pointed ends.


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