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There are a lot of reasons that you would need to see a dentist, but most people will wait until they are in pain or discomfort to go. General dentistry is a form of dentistry that focuses on enhancing your smile while also improving your overall health. Can you smile from side to side or just enough to let people know you’re smiling when you smile? If you’re self-conscious about your smile, you can see what can be achieved at a general dentistry clinic.“dentist Moorabbin” is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Since many people associate dentists with pain, you might have a strong aversion to general dentistry as an adult. The reality is that medical technology has progressed to the point where routine dental operations are no longer painful. Instead, it should change, allowing you to brighten your smile once more.

Another service offered by general dentistry is teeth whitening. This procedure will help you whiten your teeth and maintain their brightness for a long time. This treatment may be done at home with a tooth whitening kit, but the results won’t last as long as they would if done in a dentist’s office.

Establishing a professional relationship with a general dentist is important. You’ll need to keep your teeth white, and getting a dentist you can call to schedule an appointment with when you need your teeth cleaned and whitened would be incredibly helpful.

General dentistry may also be used to extract teeth that are no longer working. A tooth will also be saved if the nerve is still clear but you are in pain. To keep the tooth and deaden the nerve, you’ll need to visit a new dentist and get a root canal. If this is your preferred option, your dentist will refer you to another dentist who can perform the procedure and get you in as soon as possible to minimise pain.


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