Keratin Treatment- How To Avoid Flat-Frying Your Hair Forever

If you have ever suffered a little bit of fuzziness, you have been advised to seek a Keratin Treatment of some sort by a professional friend or two (another two or three names come up.) It has been labeled the wonder “smoothie” method to get softer, smoother locks in just one salon visit. But is it really that simple? It is, but the best part is-you don’t have to schedule appointments-you can do it whenever you want! And what’s great about that is-it works for all kinds of people-even people who would have scoffed at other anti-frizz treatments.Have a look at Didcot Keratin Treatment for more info on this.

For years, people have sought out ways to smooth their hair out. It wasn’t until the early 80’s when shampoo companies began adding “bleach” to their product lines that people really saw a difference. The problem with these products is that they contain high levels of sodium laureth sulphate-a compound that can cause your hair to become dry. And while most people believe that shampoo is the biggest culprit in your split ends, the truth is that over 90% of it has trace amounts of sodium laureth sulphate-so it’s very important to avoid using shampoos containing this ingredient if you want smooth results.

So, what is the easiest way to reduce the amount of sodium laureth sulphate found in your shampoo products? In addition to following the above mentioned steps, your best bet for an effective keratin treatment is to not wash with shampoo at all-use a mild, non-drying cleanser instead, like a hair or makeup-removing conditioner instead, and use an air-dryer instead of a flat-ironing device (or better yet, a hair straightener!). By using an air-dryer, you will keep hair from becoming too dry, and by using a gentle hair straightener that doesn’t put as much heat on the hair shaft as a regular flat-iron, you can minimize the effects of breakage that often accompanies shampoo. By following these steps, you will be able to effectively reduce the amount of frizz you experience, and once you do, you’ll be able to continue using your air-dryer regularly to keep frizzy hair away for good.


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