A Brief Guide To Puppy Training Techniques

Puppy training is essentially the application of behaviour analysis that applies the unique environmental experiences of past antecedents and outcomes to alter the dog’s behavioural pattern, either to help in certain behaviours or undertake specific tasks, or both. The idea here is to find out what has worked in the past, what hasn’t, and to translate these findings into a practical plan for the present and future. As regards this type of theory, each individual animal is fundamentally the same and because behaviour can’t be learned in one dimension, but learnt in another (through experience), it follows that there can’t be one theory for everyone. It therefore follows that you have to find a different way of looking at training that will suit your particular breed, whatever that may be. Visit our website to get free information about Kansas City puppy training

The principle behind puppy training, then, is that it starts by teaching the basic commands and then extends the same principles to other commands. Thus the sit command would be followed by the stay and the come command, and so on, until the basic skills have been taught. There are also a number of other commands to teach, such as the come command (to stop whatever you’re doing at that exact moment), the come command (to re-start following the previous instruction), and the sit command (for you to sit still). Some breeds will also respond to treats rather than physical touch, so you may need to teach your dog some simple tricks like sitting on command.

The basic training techniques for dogs are generally easy to learn, and you can even start training your new pet while still in its puppy hood. There are a large number of pet stores that sell a variety of dog breeds and of course, you can choose the one that interests you. Once you have chosen the breed of your pet and got all of its basic grooming and care requirements under control, then you can start looking at advanced pet training techniques and tricks. But don’t let the complexity of pet training frighten you – it’s a very rewarding experience and the whole process will last for many years to come! Just follow a few simple rules of puppy training and you’ll have a happy, healthy and enjoyable pet that will amuse you for many years to come.


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