QBamboo – An Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Shopping for eco-products is getting easier thanks to so many green and eco-friendly shops and stores, especially when we buy things for ourselves. However, it can be a lot more complicated when it comes to shopping with someone.

Eco-friendly goods, are separate things than many green products, because most eco-friendly products serve a specific function and are either energy-efficient or safer for the climate than comparable products. No one needs to have a Christmas, birthday or other present that is only a functional substitute-a clothes airer might be a nice buy for your kitchen but does your buddy really want that for their birthday?

So it’s difficult to hunt for green presents, to say the least, but there are some environmentally conscious gift ideas out there so some digging requires. Get additional information at QBamboo

Eco-gifts to him

Many presents may be the most difficult for the boyfriend, brother or buddy but there are several failed safes. Electric shavers are always welcome, particularly when they still have to scrape their faces with razors. Why not think of an eco-friendly shaver which does not need batteries. There’s also a whole host of eco friendly gadgets out there so choosing a green gift for him no longer needs to be a challenge.

To her environmental talents

Finding a romantic or relaxing gift was almost impossible if you looked at eco-friendly products but now there are more and more eco-friendly scents and green gift boxes that can make bath time a pleasure. Failing that, there’s a great range of or eco-friendly clothing around with the advances of eco fabrics.

For Grandparents and Parents

Eco gardening gifts are always gratefully received by the keen gardener but there are plenty of eco friendly gifts for him and her that will suit mum and dad too for those parents who don’t.

Eco gifts and kid’s toys

With sun powered devices and water driven toys it’s no longer that challenging to find one for the sister, nephew or son and daughter. There are a whole range of eco-friendly presents and storage fillers that are enjoyable for babies, but for the new video game console, tablet or smartphone phone