Elf Ears: New Trend in Body Modification Reviews

Elf Ears orbalioration is the procedure that helps people get rid of their problem of uneven ears. This kind of problem occurs due to many reasons and they are not permanent, but they can be remedied through this surgery. The main purpose of this surgery is to make the ear pointy thus improving the hearing quality. There are a lot of risks involved in the procedure of ear making thus it is very essential to have someone who is qualified and experienced to perform this surgery so there are very few chances of the patient suffering a complication.Do you want to learn more? view publisher site

Another major risk of having blunt ears is the risk of acquiring infection, which may cause you to lose an ear almost in a couple of days. Elf Ears is basically cosmetic body modification for the purpose of improving the hearing quality. The surgery is mainly to straighten the ears so that the ears look more pointy and attractive. Ear pointing or moving of other body parts is also done by some surgeons.

However, the most popular reason for the body modification is to treat “elf ears” as people call them. The name itself describes the condition in such a way that it appears like an extra protrusion on the side of the head. The procedure is called tongue splitting and it is done by taking a slice of the tongue and moving it up to the junction of the soft palate. It is then sliced again in order to take another slice of the tongue splitting the two ends of the soft palate. You can undergo the procedure many times in order to get a permanent result.