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The Electric Fat Bike is a new innovation in bike technology. This unique new bike features an electric motor and a powerful lithium ion battery, but has none of the drawbacks that conventional bikes have. With a smooth handling developed to meet the requirements of today’s discerning extreme performance sport bike rider – the Bigfoot VLT shreds trails like mountain bikes on rails – and its seamless integration of today’s latest electronic bike technology, this electric fat bike will still perform well on any year round riding adventure possible. The electric motor is small enough to tuck under your seat, but powerful enough to power the bike for long rides, all day long. The lithium ion battery can charge quickly and stay charged all day.Learn more by visiting electric bike company

The Electric Fat Bike is a blast to ride. It is not so much the size of the bike, or the design, that makes it so fun, but instead it is the fact that it does away with the typical design constraints of typical bikes. The fat tire, for example, is attached to the back wheel and has the ability to be rotated in the same manner as a normal bike tire, while the handlebars are mounted very close to the bike and are a fraction of the size of other bikes, making it easy to adjust them in the event you need to change direction mid-ride.

The Electric Fat Bike features two speeds: the first is a normal bike speed, the second of which uses the electric motor for power. These bikes also feature a number of other accessories, including: an electronic speedometer, a power meter, dual suspension, a full suspension fork, front brakes, and a rear disc brake. The bikes use the same electronic technology that makes regular mountain bikes so popular. These bikes are sold in two different sizes and come in black or white as well as a wide array of different colors and graphics. The Electric Fat Bike is a must-try for biking enthusiasts everywhere.