Know About Unarmed Security Service

Sometimes, unarmed security guards find themselves around someone who is armed and/or dangerous in possibly dangerous or aggressive circumstances. Since their options are scarce in terms of weapons, to help obtain any power and defend themselves, they can have to turn to normal, unassuming things that are part of daily life. For unarmed guards, below are some of the better sources of self-protection:Get More Information Fredericksburg unarmed security service

Keys: While it is a boring object that most of us will never dream of utilising in a combative fashion, keys can be a powerful go-to tool for guards with restricted defence choices. They are also one of the few things at any given moment that guards can have on their person. Keys can mimic illicit weapons such as brass knuckles when placed between the fingers with the ends sticking out, which offer a rapid defence against an intruder or merely as a piece of mind when in a possibly compromising position.

Pens: A pen is a last-resort type of firearm that is seldom employed, but yet one that is likely to be within reach of many settings, like an unarmed security guard. When an individual is trapped in a position where they have to use a grassroots form of self-protection, it more frequently falls into action. When applied with considerable intensity, the pointed tip of a pen will do some significant harm, which, considering the grisly aspect of such a situation, can be a saving grace in a random act of abuse or provocation. They will prove as resourceful when used to protect themselves, in the same way as pens with rubber grips are favoured for fast writing.

Flashlights: While most unarmed security guards are not required to bring anything resembling a knife, carrying flashlights is standard for them, especially while operating at night or in an environment with bad or dim lighting. While a shield is not meant to be used, a flashlight will serve as a helpful aid for a guard who needs to protect himself in a precarious position. Flashlights, especially industrial-sized ones made of steel or aluminium, are sometimes very heavy. The shape and weight of the flashlights provide a solid means of self-protection , especially if a guard is met with an armed and, certainly, dangerous intruder.

Breath Spray: This might sound odd, perhaps comical, but anybody who has ever felt the icy sting of a pocket breath spray ‘s wrong-way nozzle (pointed somewhere near the eye) will testify to their strengths in minty (though burning!); fresh breath sprays are extremely effective in anti-bacterial and cooling properties, although some perhaps produce chlorine dioxide; both of these agents are meant to be ingested as ozone. This technique would leave a view momentarily clouded by an intruder which might encourage the survivor to avoid or resolve the circumstance.