The Best Computer For Graphic Design

Graphic designers have been using computer technology since the introduction of Desktop Publishing (DTP) in the 1980s. This has compelled all graphic designers to learn at the very least how to use computer hardware.Have a look at Graphic Design for more info on this.

What is DTP (Desktop Publishing)? It was a popular term for digital publishing systems in the 1980s. These systems were created to take the place of massive, pre-press compositing and design systems.

Whether using Windows PCs or Apple Macs, graphic designers rely heavily on computers. A graphic designer would select the best computer available regardless of which computer he or she uses. Graphic designers seldom opt for low-cost computer hardware.

Macs were the only choice for designing and printing in the 1980s. Almost all design, layout, and graphics software was developed specifically for Macs, or if it could be used on a PC, it was much more reliable on a Mac. Furthermore, Macs were synonymous with various prepress technologies at the time, and a Windows PC was simply not a viable option. Graphic designers can now use design tools on either a Mac or a PC, thanks to new versions of Mac OS X and Windows. They are no longer required to choose one over the other.

Many graphic designers are not IT experts, so deciding which machine to purchase can be difficult. Of course, if money isn’t an issue, the most expensive Apple Mac or Windows PC will be the obvious option. Most designers, however, cannot afford to do so. Some artistic professionals, in reality, only have budgets for used equipment. What matters most to these graphic designers are topics that ordinary computer users aren’t even aware of. Color accuracy in printers, display calibration, hard disc speed, and external storage devices for gigabytes of data are among them.


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