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You have only one chance of making an initial impact. When a new or prospective client is approached and business cards are exchanged, the client can get an idea of the firm based on the logo of the law firm itself Do you want to learn more? Visit Hilbrich Law Firm

NATURAL LAW AND RULE OF LAW: A JURISPRUDENTIAL STUDY | RACOLB LEGALSo, what is your logo saying about your company?

Your logo for the law firm reflects the outer world law firm. Every apparently insignificant aspect of it makes an impression on the customer. Screen. Screen. Colour diagram. Arrangement with name. Length of the file. Splitting. Including one of a scale or gavels.

The customer gets an idea when they look at the business card and company logo. In his or her mind, your client forms an image of what your firm stands for. Was the logo Traditional or Modern? Would it make you look frugal and lazy, like you created the Microsoft Word logo yourself, or does it look like you respect your prestige and appearance, and have a professional designer build the logo?

There are some very important steps you can take before approaching a logo designer or creating the logo yourself to get a clear picture of what the logo should entail and how it should represent your law firm.

Tip 1: Check with your competitors

You don’t want your law firm in your practice area and location to look like the other law firms, lest your law firm be unmemorable to the client. The last thing you want to do is confuse the customer with what separates your firm from everyone else. See what you want from their logos. Conduct cards. Try to gage how their logos make you feel about their law firms. Do their logos make the firms look professional or do the firms appear unremarkable? Consider about what you do, and don’t like these company logos as you decide how your own logo should look.