Benefits of Granite Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to granite kitchen countertops, cleaning is easier than you might think. There are simple and easy tips to help keep your granite work surface looking like new. The more you use the granite in your kitchen, the more likely it is to tarnish and discolor. When you first begin using your granite, the best thing to do is to allow it to sit for a while before you begin applying a stain or a polish. The longer the granite is left out, the less likely it is to discolor or stain. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Knoxville Countertops.

If you are going to be using your granite surfaces a lot, you’ll want to protect them. There are two types of protective materials you can buy that will protect your granite from water, stains, and the normal wear and tear of daily use. One type of granite is acid-resistant, which means it is resistant to the harshness of acidic liquids such as juices, wine, and tomato juice. If you use these acidic liquids on your granite, they will discolor your marble surface. Another type of granite is bicarbonate-based, which means it can withstand the harshness of baking soda. Bicarbonate-based products are ideal if you have a granite surface that receives a lot of traffic, since it helps to repel stains.

Finally, there are two types of sealants you can buy that will help you protect your granite surfaces from fingerprints, smudges, and moisture. The best types of sealant to use for granite are oil-based and water-based. Oil-based sealants don’t stain your granite, but they will create a barrier between the concrete and your stone, keeping it from absorbing stains. Water-based sealants, however, will absorb into your stone and create an invisible barrier that prevents moisture from escaping onto your stone surface. If you are working with acidic materials, it’s a good idea to use a water-based sealant, and vice versa for an oil-based sealant. The type of sealant you choose will depend upon your particular granite surface and your kitchen environment.

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