Medical cannabis- Things To Know

Medical cannabis, also called medicinal marijuana, is the cannabis and other cannabinoids which are prescribed by doctors for their terminally ill patients. It is not for everybody, as a person needs to be both psychologically and physically fit to consume marijuana, and even then may not be able to tolerate the psychoactive effects for long. This strain of cannabis is especially popular in Europe and some parts of Asia, where it is taken as an herbal remedy for ailments like glaucoma, cancer, pain management, epilepsy, HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. In the US, it is prescribed to treat the many kinds of diseases and ailments which modern medicine cannot cure. click over here
It is worth noting that most of the medical cannabis strains were developed in the laboratories, with the objective of developing a reliable medicine which can help people. But there are still a few challenges, which the scientists and researchers are addressing to make the medical cannabis a truly useful remedy. Among the notable challenges include the regulation of production facilities, ensuring adequate packaging, ensuring consistent quality control, making sure the crop is not contaminated with pesticides and ensuring consistent dosages.
Some medical cannabis users have expressed concern over the fact that the crops are grown outdoors in the absence of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, but this is actually a boon for the plants, as it helps them fight off the often debilitating diseases brought in by adverse weather conditions. Some of these diseases include cancer and HIV, and it is due to the medicinal properties of the cannabis that it has been able to curb the spread of these diseases, even to the point of reducing their incidence. In fact, it has already been said that one in every four Americans suffers from some form of cancer. Thus, medical cannabis has managed to reduce the number of cases which become terminal, thereby increasing the quality of life for many patients suffering from ailments.