Understanding Areas about Beaver Building & Remodelling

That could save you a great deal of money. DO NOT let someone talk to you about the concept that you can save money as a “owner/builder” by getting your own building permits.  Learn more by visiting Beaver Building & Remodeling. For construction and permit fees, neither home owners nor contractors receive special pricing or volume breaks. Everybody is paying the same. Show them the door really quickly if someone suggests this to you! Here is why: The responsible party is whoever “pulls” or pays for the permits. It doesn’t matter if all of the insurance in the world is available to the contractor you hired. If you pay as a “owner/builder” for the permits, you are responsible. This is a traditional scam where the contractor allows you to absorb all of the responsibility and liability. If you assume and are accountable for all of the risk, why would you hire a contractor – that’s insane!Once the drawings have been approved by the City and any other municipal agencies and the plans and specifications (architectural, engineering, Title 24, HOA and municipal approvals) have now been completed, the Contractor shall develop a proposal or estimate for the performance of the work. Why now and not before making a submission to the municipal agencies? For instance, when your plans and specifications are presented to the Building Department, they carry out a plan check. Here, they function as a second set of eyes to ensure that nothing has been missed and that everything is in accordance with all building and energy codes and requirements. In your new project, they double-check to ensure that you and your family are safe (framing, electrical, plumbing, etc. is being planned and built correctly). There are almost always changes that your drawings will require from the City or other municipal agencies (perhaps they are aware of circumstances that are better suited to your project for your particular neighbourhood and would feel better if your drawings represented these items for your safety and security).