What to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

In the last few years, the roofing industry has seen a bit of an explosion. With insurance firms repairing roofs damaged by hail and wind, it seems like every 10 minutes there is a new roofing company. It goes without saying that there would be less than respectable businesses out there to cope with an explosion in an industry like that. Unfortunately, these are the ones that will turn up most quickly at your door. Click here to find more about TruHome Pros are here
Take the time to get some information from them before you recruit them. It is important to note that your insurance provider will deal with even reputable roofing firms, so it is best to take the time to interview and make sure that you have the best possible roof. Before you hire them, here are five questions you may ask your roofing business…
1. Are you insured and licensed?
In particular, do you have provisions for liability, a current license and insurance for workers? It automatically throws a red flag if any of these is a ‘no’, and you should look elsewhere. Ask for evidence even though the answer is yes. At a moment’s notice, the roofer should be able to supply appropriate paperwork. If he can’t — he’s not going to get them.
2. The References
Most roofing companies will say ‘on request references available’. Request them, therefore. There should be both referrals from consumers and technical referrals. It is a bad sign and time to find another supplier if the roofer balks upon providing references.
3. Time Span and Timetable
Ask the roofer what repairs are in the time frame. Get a turnaround date. Nothing is worse than paying for a job without a timetable in place. To stick to the schedule, get the roofer.
4. This Deposit
As far as up-front money is concerned, find out from the beginning what is needed. It’s important to know so you can prepare your budget and make sure there’s money involved in good faith to start the job. Never pay upfront for the whole work. If working with insurance providers, be vigilant if the roofer needs payment in order to expect the insurance to be reimbursed. Before starting, wait for the verification.
5. Preparation
Tell the roofer what you need to do in order to begin planning for his job. This can be a move that is crucial and sometimes missed. By encouraging the contractor to hit the ground running on the first day, being ready for the roofer to show up will save time and money.
In the months and years to come, you can save yourself cash and a host of headaches by being diligent while recruiting a contractor. It is no wonder that there are businesses out there that would take shortcuts to save time and money for themselves. However, you can typically prevent these problems by being prepared with a little experience and having the right questions to ask.