All about Engraved Gifts

For many seasoned advertising gift buyers and, incidentally, many people selling advertising gifts, engraved gift branding strategies are always a mystery. There are clients, in truth, who really want traditional engraving but are unaware of the many modern methods of marking. Sandblasting, laser engraving and chemical etching are among others.Check out Tampa 3d Crystal Photo Association for more info.

In customized corporate gifts, hand engraving a personalized business gift has almost no location, because it is slow and laborious, as well as costly. Even, for corporate gifts it is nowhere near as successful as laser engraving.

If you want to recreate complex and complex motifs and logos fairly cheaply, the method of choice is laser engraving. In fact, however, many corporate logo gifts that appear to be engraved are not actually engraved and even the most experienced eye will initially be fooled sometimes.

Sometimes, by using a stencil and sandblasting the design into the glass or crystal, glass and crystal sold as etched are actually customized. If the client is aware of this cheaper process and knows exactly what they are buying, this is OK.

In some cases, the sandblasting method of personalization, as used on some common engraved gifts, is fine and is a favorite way of personalizing glass paperweights. If there is a logo, a strap line and even the name of an individual, this is useful.

A choice of color can be filled with engraved designs and have the most delightful effect. This method is, however, only sufficient for spot colors and it is not possible to use this method to reproduce a full color image.

A transfer print is possibly the only economic response if full color customization for a coat-of-arms or club crest is needed on glass or crystal? Occasionally, however, hand painting is feasible if the number is reasonably small – say less than 25 or so.

Identity badges, meeting badges, marketing coasters, award plaques, glass paperweights, crystal paperweights and desk name plates are other promotional giveaways and recognition items that benefit from laser engraving.

Advertising giveaways for steel, brass and aluminum are at their most eye-catching if laser etched. This makes it possible to reveal the base metal through the coating, producing a pleasing impression. Similarly, when displaying through a colored backdrop, other promotional items such as identification badges, name badges, conference badges are also very spectacular.

Advertising pens, the most common post of all branded gifts, when laser engraved or chemically etched, enter another plane as promotional giveaways and recognition goods. This is particularly so when the pen gifts are at the end of the market’s success.

In essence, they are horses for courses, like many things in life. If the gift is glass, sand blasting is perfectly appropriate and comparatively inexpensive. On the other hand, laser engraving is a definite must if you want to get a decent return on your investment in engraved gifts if the promotional item is from the luxury pen range and is likely to be around for a number of years.