An Introduction Of Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts: Some stairlifts are designed for people who have severe foot problems. In such stair lifts, the footrests are placed slightly curved so that the user can easily straighten his or her legs. They are made to fit on stairs which are straight. In fact, some straight stairs are not curved at all! Stairlift for stairs made from curved stairs may cause pain when used, especially in winter. Learn more by visiting Stairlifts London Company UK.

You may also want to consider purchasing stair lifts designed to fit curved staircases. If your stairs are curved, you may consider getting a stairlift specially designed to fit those stairs. This ensures that the stairlift will fit precisely into the curve.

Straight Stairlift: You can also get a straight stairlift. These are often installed without a platform. The stair lift operator sits on a chair and controls the movement of the lift via the use of a foot switch. However, you should make sure that the electric outlet available in the house is enough to support the weight of the stairlift.

Wheelchair Stairlift: If you are handicapped, you may want to consider a stair lift for the physically challenged. One of the advantages of this type of lift is its capacity to accommodate a wheelchair as well. The lift has a platform at the end attached to a wheel or rail. The wheelchair can simply be lifted onto the platform and pushed off it into the sitting position. Some of these chairs even recline for a comfy night’s sleep.

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