Tips on Planning a Vacation With Toddlers

Thinking about taking a family vacation can cause a storm of emotions for parents of young children. Parents are terrified that their kids are not going to enjoy themselves, complain too much or demand too much. Parents are also worried that the money spent on a family holiday will not be worth it – including the parents being able to relax at any point – for everyone to enjoy themselves. Parents, however, still have the expectation that the entire family will enjoy themselves so much that not only souvenirs, but good memories that bring them together together will bring them back home. view the page
This is, hopefully, what we all want. A family holiday with our young children is not just a holiday, but also a time to connect and reinforce the family unit. We long for the kind of family holiday where all they want to do when our children get home is run to their friends’ house and tell them all about it and how cool it was. We want fun storeys from our trip as parents and bring them back to our adult friends as well. You see pictures of laughing, happy families on vacation as you flip through vacation magazines and wonder why you can’t be that too.
Yeah, it might be you. With your young kids, you can have a fulfilling family holiday that will create happy memories. What it takes is a lot of reasonable expectations, choosing the kind of holiday that fits and some planning for your family.
Let’s start with expectations that are reasonable. This, above all is important for all family holidays. I think many parents are discouraged from planning family holidays because they demand the world from them and thus believe like they will never accomplish it. Knowing the children and what they are able to handle and manage starts with reasonable expectations. We schedule our holidays often and fatigue our kids to the point of irritability, day after day. Often we also try to do so many big things every day that for their still growing senses it becomes an overload.
I think the root cause of “overloading” or over planing” our holidays is the sense that in order to get the most out of our break, we simply have to cram our days with as much as possible. The opposite is true in fact. The easier we make our holidays with small children, the more happy we are going to be of course. Then the more likely we are to appreciate the family we are with.