Concerning everything about Water Damage Restoration

Damage to water can have many causes. Due to winter snow, leaky or burst pipes, leaky roofs, heavy summer storm or frozen pipes and broken sub pumps are among these. Now if you want to know if your insurance company will bear the damage repair expenses, the answer is yes and no. It depends on just what type of insurance you have. Learn more about NYC Water Damage Restoration.

But it also depends on how you tell the insurance company about the problem. If your sub-pump basement cannot keep up with the amount of water coming in due to heavy rains, you need a flood insurance to cover the expenses, as this situation is considered a flood.

If your sub pumps do not work, and you need a replacement, a similar reason is applied. But if the water comes from a crack and collects in your basement, this is not covered by the flood insurance, because the problem is considered as a slip.

In general, the insurance company does not pay when you have mould damage because they only cover flood water damage. Mold damage, considered secondary damage, is practically intrinsically a part of water damage. Most insurance companies do not bear the costs of secondary damage due to negligence or lack of adequate maintenance and care.

So, the first thing to do if you have damage to your water system is to find the source of the leak. It must have come from a leaky or burst pipe if it doesn’t come from the rains. This can be checked by turning the main water valve on. If the leak comes from your roof you must do your utmost to stop it.

Place a pail or basin where the leak falls directly, to contain the water. If the leakage and the damage to your water system were successfully stopped, it is time to clean up the mess. But first, the damage done to your possessions has to be assessed.

If it’s small, then you might be able to handle it yourself. Begin drying out the area. Open the windows, bring in some fans of electric fans or boxes, and focus on wet areas. This will help to dry out water-affected items and areas.