Criminal Defense Attorney – At a Glance

Criminal Justice is the application of laws pertaining to the enforcement of criminal laws and the prosecution of persons accused of crimes. Criminal laws can include various violations such as murder, arson, assault, DUI/DWI, theft, fraud, vandalism, hit and run, kidnapping, rape, sexual abuse and drug offenses. Criminal justice includes the application of statutes and the common procedure rules of criminal law, which are established by state jurisdictions. States that do not have their own common procedures usually follow the guidelines provided under federal law. Statutory laws provide the rules of procedure and penalties for crimes that are specified in a statute.

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Criminal justice attorneys are prosecutors who prosecute individuals or companies on criminal charges. In most state courts, the public defender’s office makes all the initial appearances before the courts and tries the cases of clients. There are several lawyers who are members of the state bar association. These lawyers are qualified lawyers who have passed the bar exam and are able to argue effectively on behalf of their clients before the courts. These lawyers are well-versed with the laws regarding crimes, including those related to capital crimes and special crimes. They are able to assess their client’s eligibility for a fair trial before the courts.
Criminal charges are serious matters. It is necessary that you hire the best criminal defense attorney in your area to represent you. He will be able to make sure that you get the best possible defense on your charges, and will fight for you with every resource at his disposal to help secure your freedom.