DAS Systems Explained

A wireless distributed antenna system, also known as DAS, consists of a cluster of spatially distributed antenna nodes arranged in a series and connected through a transmission medium such as radio or cellular networks that provides wireless access to a specific geographical location or area. DAS antennas are usually at or below the ambient clutter level, and most node installations are very small. The DAS technology enables for effective communication in limited geographical areas, and for a wide variety of applications in both commercial and residential settings. DAS networks are also able to provide a wireless back up for communication in case the primary wireless network fails. Click here to enable the notifications for Advanced Telecom Systems – DAS Systems Tampa details here

A DAS network can be used for both public safety and private communications. For instance, DAS technology has been used by police departments to allow for communication during a barricade situation where one department is attempting to control the situation while the other one attempts to respond. The two departments use radio links that can provide information on where the other department’s personnel are and to provide a means for communications between officers. DAS systems are also used to communicate with fire departments during active fires. The DAS uses a transmitter on the roof of each department building, which then transmits a wireless signal to the transmission medium. This allows for quick transmission of information during emergency situations.

In addition to their use in public and private applications, DAS systems can also be used as a wireless network within your own home. A DAS wireless network can be set up inside of your home and used to connect all of your computers and other devices. These networks offer a secure, easy, and reliable method of sharing the files you need between different devices. With a DAS wireless network, you can use a password or pass code to access the files stored on your computer, and you will never have to worry about someone else accessing the files on your computer. This system of providing network access is very convenient and can make it much easier for you to share files and documents with all of your family members.