How Laser Dentistry Can Help Patients

Laser dentists use lasers for many different treatments, but the latest development in this area is laser gum surgery. Laser dentistry has grown steadily over the last ten years because of improvements in laser technology that makes it possible to perform many more types of treatments than it was able to do previously. Laser dentists are able to perform a variety of procedures that were simply out of reach ten years ago, and some are even able to perform surgery using anesthetic. Laser gum surgery is a relatively new development, but it is proving to be very successful in its application in a very short period of time.Do you want to learn more? Visit New Bremen Laser Dentistry .

Laser dentists use dental lasers to help reshape dental structures to improve appearance and function. Most people think of invasive procedures like liposuction and gastric bypass surgery when they consider cosmetic dental procedures, but lasers can also be used to help with many everyday dental procedures. The type of laser used will depend on the problem involved, but many of the procedures can be done without using anesthetic. Some of these procedures involve restructuring the gums, making them smaller, removing unwanted tissue, or restructuring the jaw to make it easier to open the mouth. Laser dentists are now able to perform dental procedures that were deemed unachievable a decade or two ago, and this is due to more precise laser technology. For example, it is now possible to perform some gum grafts using a carbon dioxide laser rather than a mercury-based laser.

Other dental procedures can also be done with laser dentistry. Because there is less pain involved, patients are able to get better dental treatments that don’t require the painkillers or sedatives that are often needed for routine procedures. This means that patients can experience faster healing time, fewer risks, and less pain and discomfort. One laser procedure known as distal micrografting uses light to remove damaged or infected tissues from far away from the gum line. Patients who get this procedure done experience less pain and discomfort because the tissues are taken out of the body at a much faster rate.


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