How to Handle a Car Wreck

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for individuals aged between 1 and 30 years. Alas, car wrecks happen at an alarming frequency. About 115 people are killed in car wrecks every day-this is one person every 13 minutes. The financial burden of vehicle collisions amount about $230 billion annually.Have a look at website to get more info on this.

Whether you drive or ride in cars frequently, you would definitely be involved in at least one traffic accident. Knowing how to respond to a car accident can be crucial to ensuring the health of all concerned parties and to obtain the financial benefits that you deserve.

Protocol After the Wreck

Many people when it happens don’t know how to handle a car accident. Drivers often reach the post-traumatic shock, which results in frustration. Seek to remain level-headed after a collision, and follow these steps:

  1. Evaluate the severity of the crash easily by testing if someone has been hurt. When anyone is bleeding, unconscious or calling for emergency medical attention, call 9-1 – 1 immediately and ask for an ambulance.
  2. Call the police, and report the incident to them.
  3. Moving vehicles out of the traffic path where possible. Switch on hazards if not necessary, and stand in a safe place before police arrive.
  4. Exchange information to all other parties involved. Write down their full name, number of the license plate, insurance agent and number of the policy. It’s likely they will ask you for the same stuff.
  5. If there are any eye witnesses around, also request their name and telephone number, as this could be helpful in later verifying the wreck information.
  6. Say your version of the incident to the police officer, and ask for a copy of his crash report.
  7. If your car is still drivable, when the officer agrees, you can leave the scene; however, if your vehicle is no longer running, call a tow truck to come and tow your vehicle to a destination of your choosing.
  8. Contact your insurance company, and tell them about the incident. Make sure you give them the other driver’s details, and file a lawsuit.

When you are unable to obtain coverage with the aid of your insurance company, an experienced auto crash attorney may need the assistance.