Lutz Compound Pharmacy Association – What Is It?

A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that specialises in the production of pharmaceutical products that are ideally suited to particular customer preferences and requirements. Pharmacists are qualified to modify current prescription drug preparations so that they are more acceptable for consumer needs without losing any of the original pharmaceutical drug’s functionality. While a compounding pharmacy may be able to assist anyone with a problem with a regular prescription medication, there are certain categories of individuals who may find the services of this type of pharmacy especially helpful.You may want to check out Lutz Compound Pharmacy Association for more.

In order to get prescriptions appropriate for their children parents are increasingly turning to compounding pharmacies. Young children, such as babies, may need only a very small dose of medication relative to adults, and trying to administer only a small portion of the adult dose may not always be practical or safe for parents. Pharmacists are able to prescribe doses for babies that are more acceptable. Parents of young children who have to take prescription medications on a daily basis can also feel that because of the unpleasant tastes associated with the drugs, their children refuse to take their medication. Flavoured additives may be applied by a pharmacist to liquid medications, so that the product tastes more like candy or berries, so taking it would be a much less objectionable experience. However if parents have wanted to alter the taste of their children’s medications, they make sure that it is still safely stored out of the child’s reach, so that they do not think it is a candy or treat.

Patients with coeliac disease or gluten allergy may also experience difficulties with normal prescription medications that may contain gluten as a binding agent or as part of a tablet-side coating. As gluten is rarely important to the tablet’s functionality, pharmacists are able to prepare gluten-free versions of the medication easily. The same applies to individuals who have allergies to the coloured dyes used to distinguish them on the outside of tablets.

Some patients with digestive system disorders ingest or excrete drugs at an irregular rate. Most regular medicines are intended to be most effective when ingested at a certain rate; but these medicines may not be appropriate for those who abnormally excrete or ingest medicines. In order to adjust the rate of absorption to accommodate the needs of the particular patient, a compounding pharmacy may be able to change the drug’s preparation.

The purchasing of compounded veterinary medication for animals is also possible. This makes it possible for vets to change doses for various animal sizes and species, incorporate flavours to make the medication more enticing to the animal, or change the shape of the medicine to make it easier to administer. Always visit a specialist animal pharmacy if you need medication for an animal and never ever give human medicine to an animal.