Mild Cognitive Impairment In Seniors

Although it is not dementia, seniors with MCI have a greater chance of transitioning to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, from around 10-15 percent a year, relative to seniors who do not. Declining with ageing is normal for the speed of mental processing and naming memory, etc. But those regular improvements don’t impact the capacity of a individual to work.

MCI is diagnosed when memory impairment occurs but general cognitive and functional capabilities are intact, do not have impaired judgment or reasoning, and there are indications that dementia is lacking. Treatments are still under review. In a 168-person test , it was found that the three B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 decreased the rate of brain shrinkage by up to 50%.Feel free to visit their website at cognitive impairment for more details.

Early initiation of interventions can slow the decline. The below are measures an adult with MCI can do to reduce their risk of developing a dementia:

— Monitor blood pressure. You may need medication for blood pressure to keep this under control;

— Keep cholesterol level. Medication may also be required to do so;

— Tests blood sugar levels. If you have been found to have diabetes, regular monitoring of your blood sugar levels is of particular importance;

— Keep your weight to a normal level and do regular exercise. Rolling is an excellent way of doing exercise;

— Limit alcohol consumption to 5 drinks a week and never more than one drink a day;

— Be aware that your diet will surely include plenty of vegetables , fruits and fish in your regular diet;

— Not plenty of the sleep;

— Restrict the usage of sleeping pills and anti-drugs regarding issues like cold symptoms;

— Seek to relieve tension by eliminating difficult conditions and bringing into action calming methods such as meditation;

— Don’t smoke them;

— Protect the brain, in particular against repetitive concussions. This can increase the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease development and other dementia, as well as cognitive impairment.

Other ideas that will help you cope with MCI are to keep a daytime calendar with you at all times and write down important things like phone numbers , addresses and appointments. And if you park your car it will help. When you get out, make a note of where your car is parked in your daytime, so that you can find it again without any trouble, and if you always lose your keys, make sure that they are kept in the same place every day.

Mild memory issues are typical of aging but MCI is somewhat more serious. If you think you may be suffering from mild cognitive impairment, it’s a good idea to see an evaluation from your doctor.