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New and old dog owners sometimes neglect one of the most important aspects, obedience dog training, to be a dog owner. It is important to remember that you can start training at any time and with any dog of any age, so don’t worry that it’s not too late to start training your dogs. A1 Kansas City Dog Training – Kansas City obedience dog training  is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Why dog training is essential for obedience:

An untrained pet is a hassle to deal with, frustrating, and can be an overall pain. More often than not, owners who train their dogs poorly, or owners who do not train the subject at all, end up dropping or giving away their dog at the pound. This is a tragic end to what could possibly have been a caring and wonderful friendship.

Dog training helps dogs to learn the rules of the pack, builds trust in you and your pet, and gives you the sense of security to realise that if you are not there, your dog is behaving well at home. For your dog, obedience dog training sets strong limits, develops self-esteem, and helps your dog to relax knowing that you are going to take care of it.

As soon as 3 months, puppies will learn commands:

Age is an important factor in preparation, of course. It is usually the safest, but not always the case, to start early with a puppy. If you have just taken a puppy back home, then you are ahead of the curve. Of course, potty training is the first thing your puppy can master. When you have developed a solid potty training base, you can begin teaching your puppy a few simple commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come.

Your older dog can quickly learn commands:

Many people believe in the old adage, “You can’t teach and old dog new tricks” but it’s just the opposite in fact. Older dogs are just as capable as puppies are of learning tricks and commands. Consistency and persistency are the secret to obedience dog training. If you try to teach your dog to sit for only one day and then never try again he’ll never of course, learn how to sit!

Even if you can still break your older dog’s many bad habits in a short period of time, what you need is discipline, determination, and sometimes a little bit of patience. It is necessary for older dogs to establish a pecking order first. Your dog needs to learn to understand that he isn’t the leader you are, you will find training very simple once the roles of the pack have been identified.