Popular Natural Mosquito Repellents – An Analysis

Mankind, perhaps, was involved even earlier in a war with mosquitoes than in war with fellow human beings. It is an ongoing conflict even today. In fact, the mosquitoes may be small in size but they are capable of getting people running for cover. The high level of industrialisation, trade and globalization in the present age has enabled people to obtain synthetic insecticides that are effective against a large number of insects. Recently, however, it has been discovered that the substances are actually capable of killing both mosquitoes and humans since they contain different poisonous compounds. The reason for their harmfulness is given in far more detail below. Various types of synthetic insecticides contain a substance called DEET. This material is basically poisonous and it is very effective to the point of being unbeatable in repelling insects. Products containing DEET come in the form of skin creams , lotions and sprays. However, whenever the substance comes into contact with the skin in considerable quantities it causes harm to humans in whatever state it is. It gets absorbed into the skin, because that’s why it repels mosquitoes, but it gets absorbed in the bloodstream afterwards. Long periods of skin-based allergies, insomnia and other illnesses can persist as it infects the blood. Children are most vulnerable to this, and many died as a result of extended doses.See here now:centralfloridatop5.com

Of that reason, consumers are now requesting goods that are completely healthy and made from natural materials. Many companies responded to this call and today one can find Natural Mosquito Repellent made from natural substances in Victoria. There are also several naturally occurring compounds that are used as ingredients in these natural products. Plant essences account for a major part of these. There are also several plants considered to have repelling properties for their mosquitoes. Some are given below.

Citronella is one of the best in this category, and has been used in many items that repel insects. One can extract oil from the plant that is then used for making perfumes, sprays and other natural products. As you know, Rosemary is a may plant in Europe, and in parts of North America. Yet it may not be understood that battling the annoying insects is fun too. It grows to about 5 feet tall, has blue colored flowers and is also resistant to drought. Marigold is one more herb that many people have heard about. In the northern hemisphere, this can be quite common. When planted in areas warmed more by the sun it can grow to a height of 3 feet. Many people keep lemon grass on their balconies and gardens, but little until they know this plant is repellent not only for ornamental but also for insects. It grows up to 2 feet in height, is perennial, and is also used as a preservative. Lavender is another commonly known plant on the garden. So long as the climate is sunny, these can grow up to 4 feet. Other plants include catnip, garlic and mint for horses.