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There are many cancer screening tests developed to attempt to detect specific types of cancer even before symptoms are noticeable. Modern medical research has made great strides in developing screening exams that can sometimes exactly pinpoint cancer cells early so that treatment can begin. Early screening tests for some cancer is the difference in full recovery or a bleak diagnosis for many people. While there are many screening tests available, there are, however, some that research concludes does not offer a better chance at recovery if the cancer is diagnosed early.I strongly suggest you to visit Santa Maria Skin Cancer Screening to learn more about this.

Some screening exams done for diseases such as ovarian cancer, skin cancers, lung cancer and several more diseases have not proven to diminish the death rate even when detected. There are 3 main screening tests, however, that everyone should undergo regularly because these have proven to lower death rates and to significantly elevate your chance of beating cancer with early diagnosis.

1. Colorectal screening is offered for both men and women. Everyone should routinely get this type of screening done if they are between the ages of 50 and 65 unless otherwise indicated by some problem. Colorectal cancer almost always develops from polyps that develop in the colon and this screening can easily detect polyps for removal and biopsy. If caught early, colon cancer is one of the most easily cured.

2. Screening for cervical cancer is another test that has a high cure rate if found early. Women who have their yearly PAP smears are more likely to know right away if the disease develops. If found early, it also has a high cure rate. Every women over the age of 18 should have a PAP smear and gynecological exam done every year. Even though most cervical cancer is diagnosed in older women, it can be diagnosed in those under 40 years of age.

3. Breast cancer screening is very important and is performed through mammography and subsequent biopsy if any lumps are found. The earlier this type of disease is found the higher the chance of a total cure. Women should routinely have a mammogram each year after the age of 50.

These are the 3 most important screening exams that have proved to have an impact on patient survival statistics. Be sure to include these exams as part of your routine physical so that you will have the best chance of overcoming cancer in case you receive a positive diagnosis.


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