Self emBody Therapy – Overcoming Eating Disorders

A new treatment option available for those who want to finally feel better, and treat their low self-esteem and body image concerns are emBody Therapy. This alternative treatment is a form of body work or touch therapy, using massage techniques to relax and release the negative energy, stress and emotional blocks that sufferers of eating disorders may experience on a daily basis. Eating disorders can be very difficult conditions to have to live with, and the EmBody Therapy therapist will be able to work with the client to create a trusting, open and secure environment in which the client can begin to build up their confidence and regain control over their lives. In most cases, clients are able to feel better about themselves within days, and many have noticed significant improvements in their self-esteem immediately following treatment.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Self emBody Therapy – EMDR, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, San Diego.

When clients first contact us for ever eating disorders treatment, we will conduct an initial consultation where we will ask them a series of questions designed to get to know them, as well as what they hope to achieve from their therapy. During the consultation, we will also ask them questions to determine if their fears, concerns or goals are realistic. If the answers are indeed accurate, we will then work with the client to develop a program of treatment designed specifically for them. This plan will be developed based on the individual’s feedback and will include such things as self embody therapy, dietary education, relaxation techniques, stress management and cognitive restructuring. All of this is geared towards helping the client finally feel better about themselves so that they can lead a full and productive life.

While many people find immediate success with eHP battery treatment, many others need months upon months of follow up and treatment before they can successfully overcome their eating disorders and lead a healthy lifestyle. This is why eHP battery treatment has been very effective in helping individuals suffering from depression and other psychological conditions that often accompany eating disorders. Unfortunately, some people simply don’t respond the same way to eHP therapy, and it may be necessary to offer the client multiple treatments over an extended period of time before their recovery is complete. However, many patients have already overcome their issues with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and other eating disorders, and you too could become a victim of eating disorders if you continue to struggle with your weight. Don’t let life get you down; reach out for help today!

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