Sell That House – We Buy Houses

We buy houses. You have probably seen their signs or heard their advertisements on the radio. Even in a difficult real estate market, they are spreading their message. But, who are these people and how can they constantly be able to buy houses? Where do they get the money? What do they do with the houses? Let’s take a look. To learn more click site.

First, they are investors and investors want to make money. Since they have been around for awhile now, even in tough economic times, it is likely that their business model is working for them. They are making money.

When they approach a homeowner who is considering selling his or her house, there will be certain things that are in their presentation. Here is what you can expect:

  • We will pay cash;
  • We will settle quickly;
  • There will be no fees or commissions to be paid to a real estate agent;
  • They will likely ask you how much you owe on the house in mortgages and other liens;
  • We will have no contingencies for any type of inspections;
  • We will buy your house in its as is condition;
  • You will not need to do any repairs;
  • They will probably walk around and through the house performing an apparent evaluation of its condition;
  • Although, they will buy the house as is, they will still point out the things that they see wrong with your house;
  • They will make you an offer and they will have the paperwork ready to go.
  • So far it sounds like a very good path to take. It is a hassle free way to sell your house.
  • Indeed, in some cases, it is an expedient and beneficial way for a homeowner to sell his or her home. But this is not always the case. Let’s take a closer look.

When you go to the settlement table, you will receive cash, even if the buyer is getting a loan to purchase the house. The only way that you will not receive cash is if you finance the house yourself, which is rarely the case. When the buyer is getting a loan, they should show you a pre-approval letter and ultimately they should show you a loan commitment letter from their lender. When this happens, it is almost as good as the buyer having cash. When someone is paying with cash, you should follow similar steps to that of a purchaser using a loan. First they should provide evidence that they have the money and second they should ultimately be willing prior to settlement to place it in an escrow account, which will designate, that the purpose of the money is for the purchase of the home. It is likely that they will be unwilling to do this.