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Many people are afraid of root canal treatment, but there is no need. This treatment can be done painlessly by an endodontic specialist in Essex and in nearby Kent very successfully; it’s just like having a filling done! The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic by the dentist or endodontist in the dental practice and is usually painless after the procedure too!. When bacteria pass into the nerve of the tooth, it can become painful and infected. This could result in the nerve of the tooth being damaged and can spread to the bone beneath the tooth. Root canal treatment will clean the bacteria and save your tooth. If the tooth is left untreated you may get an abscess which will cause more pain and health has some nice tips on this.

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The signs to look for are: – Persistent toothache – Swelling of the gum near the tooth – Tooth becoming darker after a trauma – Tender gum or tooth The treatment fees depend on a number of important factors: – – The tooth being treated by the endodontist – The number of canals present – The shape and complexity of canals – The time taken to complete the root canal filling in the dental practice At the assessment stage, your endodontist can give you an estimate for the root canal treatment fee upon review of the x rayed tooth in the dental practice.

However, the difficulty of the treatment is only truly known once the treatment is undertaken. Endodontist Essex – Success Rates Root canal treatment done properly in a dental practice by an endodontist to a high standard is a very successful treatment. The more of your own tooth structure present (and therefore the smaller the filling), the longer the tooth will last. Due to the nature of the treatment, it is impossible for the endodontist to give an accurate long-term guarantee. Our endodontist at Perfect Smile Spa is gentle, caring and very experienced at performing successful Root Canal Treatment.