Teeth Whitening – The Facts

Teeth whitening has been available for a few years, but it has recently shot to the top of the list of beauty treatments. More and more patients question their dentists about the whitening of teeth, and many ask whether there are side effects or whether teeth may be affected. On the other hand, research indicates that there is a rise in demand for new whitening techniques of over 300 percent, so certain individuals can jump right in without asking any questions at all. Ok, here are the answers to some of the questions posed and some significant details that should be known to those considering cosmetic teeth whitening. Click http://www.shared-vision.com/why-teeth-whitening-are-important/.

Whitening teeth – does it work?

A treatment would never be recommended by dentists unless they were sure it was safe and reliable. Professional teeth whitening is certainly part of this type, performed by a dentist, and there can be no doubt that it really works. What’s more, as the success of the therapy goes to show, the outcomes can be an absolute transformation. If your dentist performs the treatment for teeth whitening, you will have a smile in just a few hours to be proud of. Alternatively, you can take the Diy path. For a duration of several weeks, ask your dentist to make you a tray and perform the operation yourself, at home. You will have to be vigilant to ensure that the full treatment plan is completed, but you will be very happy with the outcomes in the end.

Why do I need my teeth whitened?

To achieve a more confident and appealing smile, individuals prefer to whiten their teeth. White teeth look better, but sadly, food and alcohol are staining everybody’s teeth. Tea and coffee, red wine, soft drinks and food coloring all lead to discoloration over time. Some medicine can also induce staining and if nothing is done, the teeth of smokers can become permanently stained. Tooth brushing by itself does not repair teeth that have been damaged by several years of staining. And sometimes, in an effort to remove stains that damage the enamel covering of their teeth, people whose teeth are badly discolored may over-brush.

What happens with the treatment for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening treatment essentially lightens the color of your teeth by reducing tooth decoloration to enhance your look, giving you a healthier smile. However, the word ‘whitening’ is misleading because teeth differ in color and nobody really has white teeth. Teeth vary in shade, and the teeth of some individuals are naturally darker than others. The real amount of ‘whiteness’ reached will vary from patient to patient, but there is usually a big difference in the outcomes.

Whitening for in-surgery is quick and makes an immediate difference. The dentist will add a whitening gel to the teeth during the operation and a special light will be used to activate the gel. If the gel has been triggered, it will stay on your teeth for 15-20 minutes prior to further use. Multiple shades can whiten your teeth, and during the consultation, tooth shade charts can be used to access your existing tooth color and set your whitening objective.