Understanding Areas about Tax Shark

Governments around the world took a growing share of their country’s national tax revenue in the 20th century, particularly in the second half, primarily to pay for increasingly more expensive defence efforts and for a modern welfare state. Tax Shark┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic. As direct taxation on income and wealth has become increasingly unpopular, indirect taxation on consumption, such as value added tax, has become increasingly important. But there are still great differences between countries. The overall tax level is one of them. In the United States, for example, tax revenue amounts to approximately one-third of its GDP (gross domestic product), whereas it is close to half of that in Sweden.Others are the preferred (direct versus indirect) collection methods, the rates at which they are levied, and the definition of the tax base to which those rates are applied. The different attitudes of countries towards progressive and regressive taxation are different. There are also large differences in the way tax liability is divided between different levels of government. Any tax is arguably a bad tax, according to the discipline of economics. But it is somehow necessary to pay for public goods and other government activities, and economists often have strong opinions as to which taxation methods are more or less efficient. Many economists agree that the best tax is one that has as little impact as possible on the decisions of people as to whether or not to engage in productive economic activity. High labour tax rates can discourage people from working, resulting in lower tax revenues than would have been the case if the tax rate were lower, an idea captured in the economic theory of the Laffer curve.The marginal rate of tax may, of course, have a greater impact on incentives than the overall tax burden. Land tax is considered by some economists to be the most efficient and by others to tax expenditure, as it does all the taking after the production of wealth is done.