Understanding Areas Of A The Right Free Christmas Gift For Saltlight Readers

The gospel books carry verses which talk about us being the salt of the earth and light of the world. We have a duty as Christians to preserve the word, like salt preserves its taste, it never loses it and so should we with the word. Jesus was the light of the world before He told us to go therefore and be like Him, the light of the world. We should be ever shining for the world to see the hidden secrets of the word. It is through our good deeds that they see how great our God is. Some say His handwriting should be seen on our foreheads. Have a look at learn more to get more info on this.

Salt can lose its taste if placed in the wrong places. When it loses its taste then it becomes useless, it does not help anyone it might as well be thrown away. Yet when it preserves its saltiness it flavours the earth. A little, just a pinch will go a long way. The word in us is like salt, when we share it with others, just that little that we have it goes a long way to changing lives of others. It is part of the great commission for us to be the salt of the earth.

When we go blindly we will never know where we will end up. As Christians we should light up the world. The bible talks about light being put on a higher place to shine to everyone. For us to do that we should occupy those positions of influence and shine the gospel to all those in reach. People can easily be led astray by the wrong people in power; therefore I believe the Lord wants us Christian to be a light to them. Just like a light leads whilst others follow, it should be so with Christians. Jesus was the light and still is the light of the world. He left us to lead like He did others who are in the dark with the light that He is as He is in us.

Just like in the world of plants, they need salts and light to grow, even humans need that salt and light. Plants survive with nutrients in soil and the light from the sun, water is just a medium. In the bible it clearly says the salt of the earth, earth like the land or soil which has nutrients, salts for the plant and the light of the world, which is above making it shine throughout the world. Humans need the same things, as Christians we should be salt and light to our fellow brothers for them to grow in Christ. Go ye therefore and be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.