Visit Boston

Boston is a great place to live and is one of America’s best kept secrets. The city is filled with interesting history and lots of places for entertainment and fun. The city proper encompasses 48.4 square miles and has an estimated total population of over 692,600 as of2019, making it the largest city in New England. There are many famous landmarks in Boston, which draw millions of visitors every year. This article will discuss some of the popular Boston attractions and points out how they can be reached by visitors. click to continue reading

Among the many famous landmarks in Boston, the “Old Boston Common” is the oldest part of town and is located on the Charles River in between Boston and Cambridge. It is an extremely historic location, which was used during the time of Boston’s kings as a royal fortress and later as a church. The museum inside the Common contains lots of artifacts related to the early history of the colony and the American Indians. It has been declared a national monument.

Just across the Charles River from the city is the “Upper Park” which is a wonderful park with gardens, lawn bowling, a skateboard park, picnic areas and a giant red cowboy statue. The park is also home to a major art museum, which exhibits works from various artists of Boston. Another beautiful park near the Boston Common is “Worcester Common” which is a gorgeous park that features gardens, fountains and many beautiful statues. It is a famous park with many events held there such as bird watching, summer concerts and free performances.