Why Custom Designed Pools Stand Out

Are you considering adding a pool to your home or business landscape? Stumped as to what type of pool makes the most sense to meet your needs? Why not consider custom designed concrete pools instead of stock options? There are a number of reasons why this more upscale decision can pay off for you in the long run.Get the facts about KB Custom Pools

Concrete pools are a little more labour and design intensive to create, but they offer a number of benefits that other creations just cannot compete with. The reasons why custom designs tend to stand out over the competition include:

Greater flexibility in design – Inground pools that are stock shells by design offer absolutely no flexibility in appearance. When a custom designed pool crafted of concrete is selected, the design can take on a host of shapes. The basic construction process allows designers to craft pools in unique shapes and sizes. For example, if you’d like a large pool with invisible edges and you’d happen to like it to take on the shape of a sea creature, this is likely more than possible in the hands of a good pool contractor. This is something a prefabricated shell simply cannot match.

Better ability to overcome geographical obstacles – If your backyard has a unique or constrained designed, a custom inground pool can be designed to compensate and overcome the issues at hand. Whilst prefabricated pools can work in tight spaces, a custom designed pool can be created to fit perfectly and look spectacular in the process.

Greater ability to add other features – Stock model above ground and even inground pools often are not designed to have advanced features added on. If, for example, you have your heart set on having a spa pool and you would like a water fall and even different tiered levels, a stock shell just won’t be able to accommodate. When you hire a skilled contractor and have a custom pool designed, however, you can build your desired features in from the start.

Distinction – There are hundreds, if not thousands, of homes with kidney-shaped pools. If you want your spa pool to stand out, concrete custom designs can help you ensure that this is so. Depending on your imagination and the skill of your designer and contractor, you can be certain your pool is a one-of-a-kind original.

Durability – Concrete pools are designed to stand the best of time. If you doubt this, consider the concrete pools crafted by the ancient Romans. Some still stand functional today. If you want an investment that will last, this type of swimming pool is the way to go. Whilst it will be up to you to properly maintain the pool and its beauty, the structure will be sound if you select concrete over other options.

Custom designed pools tend to stand out because of the design uniqueness that can go into the creation. When something unique, beautiful and durable is desired, this type of pool will deliver. When you work with a skilled contractor every step of the way, the end result will be a swimming pool that will capture the eye and command attention.